United to Change


Educational Sponsorship

This programme allow us to provide support to needy students in their academic pursuit. Under this programme we provide full or partial support towards the tuition fees, educational materials and  upkeep. 

Vocational Training

Vocational training provides some individuals the opportunity to learn a trade and make a living of it. We provide assistance by helping individuals secure training programmes to assist them develop a skill for work. 

General Assistance

Some individuals can find themselves in a difficult place by a single event in life that changes their fortunes. Under this programme it allows us to provide temporal support, grants and other basic necessities to help with families and individuals. 


united for change

the impact of our work

Our work brings relief to individuals and families who are struggling and are affected by hardship in various ways. 

The charity support we offer brings hope and a smile on the faces of those we serve. It is an opportunity that allows us as a Christian community to demonstrate the love of God to people.  

Our work brings love, hope and relief. 

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