The ministry focuses on spreading the Gospel, biblical teachings, pastoral support, discipleship and providing for the needs of the poor.

We believe in collaborating with different ministries in places where we work. This maximises the impact of our work.

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- global missions

(outreaches, evangelism, conference, Christian education)


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Encountering Reverend Edward Agyeman’s pastoral ministry in 2015 proved to be profoundly transformative, shaping the course of my life. Nearly a decade of serving under this humble servant of God, I’ve gleaned invaluable lessons in humility and witnessed firsthand his unwavering dedication to the divine calling. Reverend Agyeman’s fervour for God’s work has inspired me to commit my life to serving our Lord Jesus Christ and fulfilling His purpose and calling for me within the body of Christ. I’m inspired by his tireless missionary efforts worldwide, his steadfast service to local congregations, and his remarkable accessibility to all, regardless of age, seeking discipleship and growth in the things and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Prince LAmptey


Your unwavering dedication to sharing the Gospel and offering assistance to the needy in our locality is truly inspiring. It is through your selfless actions that countless lives, including mine, have been touched and transformed.

 The impact of your generosity extends far beyond material assistance; it has restored hope, renewed faith, and inspired us to pay it forward whenever possible.

As I look back on the journey thus far, I am reminded of the profound truth that we are all interconnected in this tapestry of life. Your ministry’s commitment to spreading love, compassion, and hope exemplifies the essence of humanity at its finest.

ann t


I have walked with Pastor Edward over 10 years and within that time I have witnessed his amazing dedication and love for the work of God. Pastor Edward has helped me grow in my understanding of the scriptures.  He has helped me discovered my love for missions and learnt about true service to God’s kingdom. God is using him to change so many lives through the Gospel of Jesus and has remained humble and truthful to all God has assigned him to do on this earth.

Natalie A. Davies


Rev Edward Agyeman. God through him changed me! He spoke simple words of God’s wisdom to me about ministry. He showed me the biblical path of serving God and what it means. I was so excited I gathered all my leaders and asked him to speak to all of us about Ministry and obeying God’s call. Now it is my life mission. I raise other ministry leaders with that same doctrine and mindset.



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