Edward Agyeman

Edward Agyeman is a forthright and steadfast preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A passionate vessel who teaches and preaches the good news with much depth and simplicity.

Edward’s ministry also aims at winning the lost. He is a voice that seeks to share the truth of God’s Word to restore order amongst believers while upholding the standard of integrity within the clergy. Edward’s unwavering and uncompromising stance on the truth of the gospel is what distinguishes his ministry.

He highlights steadily the importance of knowing God’s word and rightly dividing the word of Truth. He believes strongly that a lack of monetary funds cannot deprive people of access to the free gospel of Jesus Christ. He strives with God's help to walk in the godly virtues of simplicity, humility and integrity, and his ministry continues to be a blessing to many across the globe.

Edward has a wife and two children whom he actively serves the Lord with.

Edward Agyeman is a christian minister, speaker, mentor and writer who travels extensively to preach and teach God’s Word.

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