About the Ministry

The ministry focuses on spreading the Gospel, biblical teachings, pastoral support, discipleship and providing for the needs of the poor. ‚Äč

Our Ministry Approach

We believe in collaborating with different ministries in places where we work. This maximises the impact of our work. Our ministry operations are in urban and rural communities. With the support of our partners by the grace of God, we operate in Europe, Asia, Africa, the United States and in our home base, the United Kingdom.

As a ministry we have a focus on



Our aim is to spread the Gospel in far regions of the world. Our global missions focus on creating a platform for believers to grow in fellowship and also spreading the Gospel through love to those who do not believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.


Humanitarian Work

People are faced with incredible hardship due to several factors. Our focus is to create a community of people who are motivated by the love of God to make a difference by helping to provide long-term sustainable solutions to those in need. The United to Change programme allows us to assist orphanages, needy children and their families, and prison in-mates. We also provide educational and vocational training support.



This is a mentoring programme designed to assist and guide young people by equipping them with the knowledge to become industrious, conscientious and responsible individuals who can reach their full potential. This programme also provides pastoral support to help young people deal with issues they grapple with.

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